Nursing at Los Angeles Community Hospitals

If you are looking for a nursing career at a community hospital with opportunities for advancement, consider Los Angeles Community Hospitals, which includes locations in Los Angeles, Norwalk and Bellflower. Our network of hospitals, as part of Prospect Medical, includes 20 hospitals in six states, with seven of these hospitals located here in Southern California. This provides our nurses with job, location and career flexibility.

Nurses choose to work at Los Angeles Community Hospitals for a variety of reasons, but they stay for the culture of teamwork emphasized at our hospitals. Our nurses have the opportunity to collaborate with all disciplines of the healthcare team to enhance professional communication and patient care skills in a multicultural environment.

Our nurses are encouraged to advance their careers by changing specialties and going from low- to high-acuity patient care units, through our Grow Your Own program. This also includes opportunities to move into leadership roles.

Some of our hospitals are located in medically underserved communities. If you have a passion for working with underserved populations, have strong coping skills, want the opportunity to lift others up, and are willing to make deep connections with people from all walks of life—we also have opportunities for you!

If you are caring and compassionate and are interested in joining our team of dedicated, professional nurses, we’d love to welcome you to Los Angeles Community Hospitals where our goal is to provide quality, compassionate, accessible care to everyone.

Why Nurses Choose Us

If you’d like to make a difference in patient care, are community-oriented and are looking for an opportunity to advance your career, consider Los Angeles Community Hospitals.

Award and Recognition

Los Angeles Community Hospitals is proud of the hard-working and caring nurses that make up our team. We honor the clinical skills, care and compassion exemplified by our nurses through the DAISY Awards.

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Advance Your Nursing Career

At Los Angeles Community Hospitals, we are committed to training the healthcare providers of today and tomorrow. If you are starting your nursing career or looking for opportunities to enhance your skill set, we have educational and professional development programs for you.

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A Day in the Life of Our Nurses

Meet Rina, RN: Rina shares what a typical day is like in the life of a medical-surgical nurse.

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